Entry for April 19, 2008
Today was the first proper day of training. Even though I still haven't heard if the MdS organisers will permit me to participate in the event (I'm waiting for an email from England or France), I decided I couldn't wait any longer. I still haven't told the people at work or my friends that I am doing the event, but I have decided to start my training. But I do need to try to remain "uncommitted" in my head, or I am setting myself up for a very big let down.

Training - 2 hours - approx 10km
Courtesy of Darbaroud - http://www.darbaroud.com/index_uk.php
Courtesy of Darbaroud - http://www.darbaroud.com/index_uk.php
Courtesy of Darbaroud - http://www.darbaroud.com/index_uk.php
Courtesy of Darbaroud - http://www.darbaroud.com/index_uk.php
Entry for April 23, 2008
I still haven't been able to get confirmation from the organisers in Europe that they won't have a problem with my participating due to my diabetes. It seems that most people are still on holiday after the finish of this year's event.
I have been phoning London, and shall continue until I am able to get confirmation .... one way or the other.

I can't throw myself into the training fully until I have confirmation.

Update - I've managed to speak to someone and she has vowed to follow-up. But it's going to be at least 2 weeks until I hear further.  :-(  The burden of diabetics.
Entry for April 25, 2008
ANZAC Day - The weather is spectacular.

Training - 2 hours - 11.2km
I feel a little stronger at the end of this training than I did last Sunday. Good.
Entry for April 27, 2008
This session was a funny one, because I took a wrong turn and had to ask for directions. Then I discovered that the online maps aren't entirely up-to-date, so I missed the turn I needed. Oh well. I made it finally.

Training - 2.5 hours - approx 13.5km
A couple of toes are a bit tender. I need to consider my boots.
Entry for April 29, 2008
I have received an email from London saying that the doctor in Paris is on holiday, and it will be another 2 weeks minimum before I might receive confirmation that I will be allowed to participate. Oh :-(   I need to call on further reserves of patience.
Entry for May 3, 2008
Had a good walk this morning, with lots of hills. It was the first time I've had rain, even though just a little.

A funny thing happened. A nice fellow was running past on the other side and told me that there was a torch lying on the ground up ahead. He suggested I could pick it up and have it if I wanted. I found this odd, until I realised that he may have thought I was a vagrant. Donna confirmed when I got home. She said my choice of walking gear does make me look "questionable". I may have to update my gear, even if just to avoid possible trouble.

Training - 2 hours.
The toes are suffering. New boots required.
Entry for May 7, 2008
Woo hoo !!

I have found and bought a new pair of boots from Paddy Pallin. Wow, is there a lot of choice to be had when looking for boots. The most difficult aspect of choosing was that I have a big foot, and not all types of boots are made big enough.

I finally found a pair that were big enough, didn't cost an arm and a leg, and appeared to fulfill my requirements. These will do for the training, but I will need to buy another pair of boots 3 or 4 months before the actual event.
Entry for May 11, 2008
Woo hoo again !!

Todays' training walk, the first proper one with the new boots, went swimmingly. I didn't stick to a time this time, but did a circuit around the area, taking in as many gravel roads and hills as I could manage. It was a most enjoyable walk and makes me think that I'm ready to step up a notch to the 3hr / 15km walks.

Training - 2 hours 25 mintes - 13.5 km.
Entry for May 15, 2008
The frustration is starting to get to me. I am keenly waiting to hear from the organisers in Paris that I will be allowed to participate in the 2010 event.

I have been in contact with the London office, and they have followed up with Paris. But only Paris can give me the assurance I need that I won't be stopped from entering. Until I receive that assurance, I can't commit myself to the full-on training regime and the financial commitment required to buy the equipment I need.

I must continue to keep following up. The next call may be to Paris.  :-|
Entry for May 17, 2008
Today was a great training walk, with one small glitch. I felt excellent and "in the zone". The only thing I can think of as to why I felt so good was that I slowed down my pace by a poofteenth, and that made all the difference.
* weather - awful. Cold, light, constant rain and windy
* sugar - excellent
* boots - excellent

The glitch? I ran out of road. The online maps I'm using must work on cadastral plans, which show road reserves. But you need a real road to walk on, and I was left looking at a paddock. Not happy Jan. Luckily I was half way, so I turned around and just retraced my steps.

Note to self 1 - triple check the route with the Melways before setting out.
Note to self 2 - make sure mobile has credit.  :-|

Training - 2 hours 50 minutes - 15.4 km
Entry for May 21, 2008

As I haven't received confirmation yet, I have phoned Paris directly. The first call was to a nice lady who spoke good English. The second call was to a helpful fellow who sounded like he would followup for me. Followup emails have winged their way across, so hopefully I will hear soon.

I hope, I hope, I hope.
Entry for May 23, 2008
Another phone call to Paris. This time I have spoken with a lady who has assured me that she will answer my email "at the beginning of next week". Hopefully this is a positive sign.
Entry for May 24, 2008
Yippee ya HOO !! I have finally received confirmation from Paris that they won't stop me from entering the event in 2010. This is great news and means that I can now get on with the many things that need to be done.

The training walk today was brilliant. The weather was icy, but it was crystal clear after the sun came up. I am now using the pack I bought in Europe, and it works a treat. The next thing I have to buy is a new jacket of some sort. But I can now proceed to buy the other things I've been holding off on.
* weather - excellent, cold, sunny
* sugar - good
* equipment - need new coat

Training - 2 hours 50 minutes - 15km
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